"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, he/she will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These boots were made for walking.

After I write this blog, I hope I can post it on FB.  I do not like the new updates!  The folks at FB are making it difficult to use and are about to cause themselves problems.

The flooding was bad but now under control.  The area seems back to normal.  

Last week was my first trip to Montgomery, Alabama.  I wasn't kidding when I said I hoped to survive the week!  Work presented me with new challenges and people.  I won't lie, the worst challenge was finding out at the last minute that I was the presenter all week.  I hadn't pack the right shoes for hours and days of standing! My feet still hurt.  Being in Montgomery let me visit with a few people from the VA project I hadn't seen in months.  It was great to catch up with them.

Friday night on my way home, Cindy asked if I wanted to ride Graham at the Beaufort Hunter Trials the next day.  Sure, why not!? Graham is a five year old TB gelding and such a very nice horse.  I hadn't been on a horse in a week and Graham was worked once in the last week.  We went out, in bad mud, and had a great day!  We brought home two blues and a reserve champ ribbon! 
 Fred had some down time while I was away.  We did flat work the last three days and jumped last night.  He was a bit full of himself and it was the first time I was able to really feel capable of standing up to him.  We'll go round 2 on Thursday with Lauren and Napoleon.  My schedule is a little crazy right now with work and I plan on running at Plantation in October at BN.  After that, we'll prep for a strong start next year. 


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