"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, he/she will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tippecanoe or jumpdacanoe!

Yeesh, I skip one weekend of blogging and feel like I have so much to write about!  Last week was busy for the work social butterflies!  We played cards Monday by the pool.  The guys like that after a day of travel.  Tuesday night, Danielle and I met up with Max, Rob, and Detroit at a new bar after I rode.  We had a great late night out!

Danielle, random shopping cart, Max.  I have no good explanation for this.

Wednesday after I lunged Tyler, I met up with Marshall and Detroit for Detroit's hockey game.  I can't remember the last time I watched a hockey game in person.  It was fun!  There was a bad storm passing through which caused several blackouts while the players were on the ice.  Oddly though, the scoreboard never lost power!  
The Mullett Ice Center

Thursday night was nothing too exciting thankfully.  I rode and then went out for dinner.  Four activity nights a week and riding is a lot!  And I do actually work during the day.  Random work photo for last week is of Max's suede shoes with a classy snaffle bit ornament.

Friday afternoon I had a stadium lesson with Anne.  Tyler was superb!  He had been outfitted with a pair of full pads on his front hooves the day before.  Now instead of landing so short, he was jumping out over the fence and landing where he should.  It made a big difference between fences with a related distance.  We took another try at the aquaduct/wall and after one refusal (my weakness) we crow-hopped over it!  Tyler is feeling wonderful with the combination of hock injections and the pads.  Anne gave us a nice 3 stride line and Tyler was straight through the whole thing with no problems.  We're not schooling all Novice height fences, but getting there.  I'm seeing a lot of improvement in our technical skills around the courses.

Stupid me gave myself my yearly sunburn Saturday morning.  I went out to the pool before all the kiddos showed up and laid out for an hour or so.  My back and the back of my legs were red!  Yes, I had sunscreen!  At least that torture is over.  My farmer's tan is fixed but I've got some funny tan lines now.  

People keep asking about the weather here.  It's been about 82-90 degrees for the high with decent humidity.  It's not comfortable, but much more tolerable than the weather back home or in the south!  The locals say it's warm here this summer.  Last summer I remember being out around the 4th of July in Milwaukee and wearing a jacket at night!  

Saturday was about as warm as it gets for my tolerance to be outside.  Tyler and I did a course of poles and worked on turning and straightness for about 30 minutes.  Once again, he was a good boy!

(This is why I can't wait so long to blog!  I have a lot to say and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot.)

Saturday night Danielle and I drove out to Tianna and Becky's house warming BBQ.  A bunch of 20 somethings sitting around on the deck with old school tunes and food!  We were there until 1 or so and would have stayed later if I didn't have a lesson the next day.

Tianna, Becky, Danielle, and sunburnt Chelsea.  My cell phone needs a flash!  We're still really cute.

Anne  and I had hoped to drive to Silverwood to XC school on Sunday.  The weather and timing didn't work, so we went out in the field.  Tyler was great!  We jumped a few obstacles that caught my attention when Anne said to jump them, but Tyler didn't care.  He jumped the canoe either direction without a care.  We also jumped a very mini version of a weldon wall (ditch before a wall).  There's video of our day, thanks to Charles.  I need to convert two files, upload it, and post it!   Anne commented that Tyler knows his job on the cross country course and that he deserves lots of credit for not holding a grudge.  I jumped up his neck over a fence and he went anyway.  Tyler also didn't care the next time we went over the same fence.  He's always been very forgiving!  I'm feeling very positive about this fall.

 The canoe.  We jumped going up and down hill.

The mini weldon wall. 

As of now, my plan is to run BN at Silverwood in a few weeks.  I'd like to do BN at the Fair Hill starter trials on September 11.  The move up to Novice could happen at Burgundy Hollow on October 3 and another Novice run at Plantation or Waredaca at the end of October. 

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