"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, he/she will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Work, ride, party! (Part 2)

Goodness, it's been a crazy week.  Between the College World Series, a broken truck, SummerFest, and one destroyed jump, I'm happy that everyone is in one piece.

We made all our deadlines at work this week.  It was a week where we had a big deliverable almost every day.
Big deadlines make us a little crazy, especially Ramon.

Monday and Tuesday night I watched the College World Series with Rob.  His South Carolina fightin' chickens were playing for the nation title and won it all Tuesday night in extra innings!

Rob missed the first two innings thanks to a broken diesel.  We were driving home from work and someone pulled out in front of us.  After slamming the brakes on, the gas pedal didn't work! The truck was running, but we had no power.  Somehow we rolled a few feet off the highway to the shoulder.  I called Marshall who came out and took a look.  Unfortunately, he couldn't find an easy fix.  Andy's brother has a shop in the area and towed the Green Giant over there.  

 Rob and Marshall under the hood.

Green Giant on the flatbed. :( 
I got many updates as Wednesday went on.  They brought a Ford guy in, tore the entire front end apart chasing wire connections, and agonized over blown fuses.  So what caused this?  Around 4pm, they found an earring of mine which had slid across the dash on Friday and disappeared.  When the brakes were hit hard enough, the earring landing in an open wire harness connector and shorted everything!  Now with the earring far, far way from the truck, the Green Giant is back in tip top shape.

Since I didn't make it to the barn Tuesday, I made Rob go with me to the barn in case of emergency.  Had a decent flat ride after some silly nonsense and disobedience.

Rob and Tyler.

Thursday was a crazy evening!  We had a dinner of our project manager's upcoming wedding.  Starting off an evening with $5 unlimited wine is never a good idea.  (Let me add, this is the 5th we've done this.)  After a huge dinner and wine, a dozen off us headed to SummerFest.  

 Fireworks at SummerFest.

Yesterday, Tyler and I had our first jump lesson at Pigeon Creek.  He started off through a gymnastic well.  We did a loopy four jump course, much like we would do at home.  The last fence was an aquaduct/box with arches at the bottom.  Tyler peeked at it in mid air the first time.  The second time he gave a big effort.  The third time he slammed on the brakes and wouldn't take off.  We came around again and he demolished half of it!  I'm not even sure how he got caught it in.  I mean, there were slabs of jump all over.  Thankfully he had boots on and only gave himself a minor cut.  I know what to add to my agenda now.  The rest of the lesson was fine.  Let's hope Sunday's lesson is less destructive! 


  1. I guess now we REALLY need to build an aqueduct for HVS :-P

  2. This blog is so much fun! Keep it up! By the way you desk is crazy neat and tidy!