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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A trip to the hospital.

The inventory crew at the VA hospital gave us a tour today of their supply chain and how it relates to the nurses, doctors, and patients at the Milwaukee VA hospital.   

One of my responsibilities at work is to help design the processes and software for the handhelds the VA personnel will use.  We wanted to see what they currently do and what the results of our changes will be. 

In order to see parts of the hospital, we had to wear bunny suits.
My co-workers in their bunny suits.

I had to put the suit on over my heels and skirt.  Awkward.
We toured the warehouse in the basement and then went up stairs to see the smaller wards and the operating rooms.  We saw the life cycle of case carts (all you need for a surgery on a big rolling toolbox).

The operating rooms we saw are brand new and still under construction.  
They are very high tech!
The booms (large round things) will be voice operated.
Everything is monitored and changed through digital controls built into the walls.

It was very interesting to see the places and people my work will impact.

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  1. Cool pictures. I liked hearing about this tonight. Have a good trip tomorrow!!